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QNAP reply: The pfSense VM OS should protect your NAS device when your … Out of all these guides, rsted's comment from reddit is probably the best and simplified guide for setting up the pfsense on the QNAP.

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As per usual from the VMware vSphere Client the option to create a new Virtual Machine. The process is straight forward and is important to select some key components helping with the rest pfSense provides both commercial and open-source based setups effectively running a similar code, if not the same onto a virtual appliance.

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Perfect for matching a VMware homelab environment encompassing VLANs to separate system, data and VM network traffic types. This is what the rest of the article covers showing some examples on how to define and create the pfSense Firewall rules to accommodate different traffic types and more importantly the traffic routing between several VLANs. pfSense will download from the internet the Open-VM-Tools package and pertinent dependencies. In addition, it will also automatically install everything. The process only takes a few moments plus it provides a log for the package installation. Configure pfSense packages couldn’t be any easier!

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Stages are really simple but essential for the configuration from the Web GUI. Right after first boot there is one more step to before setup pfSense for the the first time. Now you need to give a friendly name to your pfSense Firewall VM, I am giving pfSense-VM in my case. The default VM directory is “C:\Users\user_name\Documents\Virtual Machines\“. If you want to change the default directory, you can change it.

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Setting up OpenVPN (both an OpenVPN server and OpenVPN multiple clients).

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Topics such as using a failover physical pfSense to work with a VM pfSense. Setting up OpenVPN (both an OpenVPN server I was thinking of replacing my old setup with pfsense, but i would like to run it on a vm with 2 dedicated cores(fx 6300) (or an i7 3700 that i have laying about) and on the 4 other create a pfSense VM on a local Hyper-V servercreate a multi-NIC VM. pfSense is a free and open source firewall and router that also features unified threat management, load balancing, multi  Securely Connect to the Cloud Virtual Appliances. You will configure the pfSense virtual machine to start from the installer ISO disk  The VM starts from the pfSense bootable ISO virtual CD and begins the installation process. Simply create a VM, and choose the Other install media VM template. Be sure to select the pfSense install ISO as well. As shown in Xen Orchestra Home Linux Installing PFSense 2.5 BETA on Hyper-V Gen2 Virtual Machine. Firstly you will want to head over the PFSense website and download the latest daily development The pfSense VM only gets a small fraction of that.